Business management and accounting software family GrinS

GrinS|5 business management software applicationGrinS is the major family of business management and accounting software applications, developed and marketed by LatInSoft, a computer technology company headquartered in Daugavpils, Latvia.


Introduced in 1998, LatInSoft GrinS software suite includes modules that enable small and medium companies to manage all their finances, inventory, sales, payroll, fixed assets, human resources, manufacturing tasks.


By 2012 the installed base of different LatInSoft GrinS versions has reached more than 1500 business customers, thus making LatInSoft GrinS one of the most popular accounting software systems in Latvia.


GrinS is licensed as both a proprietary software and SaaS (software as a service).


A completely redesigned LatInSoft GrinS|5 software suite was introduced in 2011.


LatInSoft GrinS|5 is a client/server application that uses Microsoft SQL Server database engine to store and retrieve data. The functionality of GrinS|5 brings to SME customers many advanced features, including multiple concurrent charts of accounts, unlimited analytical dimensions, multiple business entities, custom reporting, customer relationship and human resources management modules, usually characteristic to an ERP-system functionality.

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